5 reasons you should come to Rebase

5 reasons you should come to Rebase

Published on 26/08/15
by Geoffrey

There's just 5 weeks to go until Rebase, and we’re getting pretty excited. Tickets and workshops are booking up fast, but if you’re still on the fence, or need to convince your boss, here’s 5 reasons why you should come along to Rebase.

5 reasons you should come to Rebase

1. Learn from the best

Design is a hands-on discipline. The best way to learn is to just dive in. Whether you want to understand the foundations of visual design with renowned designer and A List Apart author Cennyyd Bowles, or learn how to design for the Internet of Things, you’ll leave Rebase with practical skills and new perspectives to bring to your day-to-day work.

2. No portfolios

We've all sat in uncomfortable chairs listening to designers delivering a verbal rendition of their website. That’s not what a conference should be about. Over 3 days, Rebase will give you a diverse mix of content - from service design to content strategy - delivered by some of the best speakers Ireland and abroad can offer. No portfolio presentations, guaranteed.

3. Not your average conference structure

People don’t attend conferences just to learn. They attend for the camaraderie of getting to know each other, and to experience new environments. We value this so much, we are devoting a day to it. Our fringe events will see meetups & gatherings provide the perfect opportunity to get together and share experiences.

4. Build our community

We're entirely volunteer led and not-for-profit, and we wanted Rebase’s emphasis to be on Ireland's incredible web and product design community. We know the talent that exists in Ireland, and we wanted them to be the focus of the event. By coming to Rebase, you can help give the design community in Ireland an even bigger platform.

5. Dublin

So much of what makes a conference experience great happens outside the conference walls, and geography is central to that experience. Dublin is the ultimate conference city. Friendly, accessible, and walkable, you’ll find everything you need to make your conference stay memorable. From medieval architecture to cosy pubs, Dublin has it all.

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