Where Does Your Money Go?

Where Does Your Money Go?

Published on 09/09/15
by Geoffrey

Where Does Your Money Go?

One of the most challenging aspects of running a conference is financing. How do we spend your money? To put it simply, every cent of your ticket price goes into Rebase.

Pie chart depicting Rebase's categories of spending

Even though we’re volunteer led and not for profit, the costs of running an event at scale are still quite high. Unless you secure some significant sponsorship (we’ll have a separate post on that later), to hold an event with paid speakers and a decent venue requires significant capital.

As a conference attendee, I often baulked at the $1000+ ticket prices charged by some of the popular conferences I attended. But having been in the trenches of conference organising, it’s only now that I can understand where every cent of a ticket price is invested. And more often than not, it’s not in the organiser’s pocket.

Ultimately, a conference, whether €10 or €1,000, is all about the value proposition. Are your time and money worth spending there?

We’ve designed Rebase around 3 days of talks & workshops in order to deliver as much value to attendees as possible. We hope you think so too.

Student tickets are just €100 and conference tickets start at just €195 ex VAT.

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