Welcoming our Sponsors

Welcoming our Sponsors

Published on 23/09/15
by Geoffrey

Rebase wouldn't be possible without the help and support of our sponsors. Conferences are an expensive business, and to secure sponsors that believe in your project, that are willing to invest in what you’re trying to achieve, is incredibly heartwarming. To secure 1 sponsor in our first year would have been an achievement. To secure 3 of such calibre has been incredible.

First off, we’d like to thank Alex at Irish Year of Design 2015, and Emma at NCAD for all their help in making Rebase possible. Without their patience and generosity, Rebase wouldn’t have progressed beyond the whiteboard, so thank you from the bottoms of our heart

Shopify are sponsoring our fringe event, and were instrumental in helping us achieve the kind of scale we wanted for Rebase. Aside from building great products, Shopify have always been very keen to sponsor community-run events in Ireland, and have done a huge amount to make events like Rebase happen. We’re very proud that they will be involved.

Each & Other have been one of our biggest champions since the start. As the leading UX and strategic design agency in Dublin, they’ve been at the foundation of digital design in Dublin for the past decade. Whether through sponsorship or meetups, they’ve done so much to push design forward in Dublin; that they’re doing it again by sponsoring us shows their ongoing commitment to the Dublin design community.

Finally, we couldn’t be happier that Zendesk are coming on board as sponsors. Design is at the heart of everything that Zendesk do, and their mantra of ‘product, people, practice’ is very much in keeping with what Rebase is all about. Having moved to Dublin just over a year ago, we’re delighted Zendesk have decided to invest in Dublin’s design community. A special thanks to Jonny for all his help.

Our sponsors will be bringing a few of their awesome staff along to Rebase. If you see them, do say hello.