Design for a Connected World

Design for a Connected World

Ciarán Harris & Paul Donnan

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Not long ago computing was for WIMPs – windows, icons, menus, pointers. We’re now living in an age of ubiquitous computing – many devices of many capabilities and interfaces, and some with no interfaces at all, all working in tandem with each other. Designers are just now beginning to grasp how that is going to shake up their profession.

In this one day workshop we’ll get you up to speed on the Internet of Things. We’ll get you thinking about why to connect some devices, and why others are better left disconnected. You’ll also be getting practical experience in connecting physical world devices to the digital world, by taking some simple ideas from concepting & design right through to working prototypes.

If you'd like to get a head start on the practical stuff, check out this Google doc. If that all looks too complicated don't worry, that's what the workshop is for!

What you'll learn

  • An overview of the IoT landscape & the opportunities
  • Design principles & considerations for connected devices
  • Overview of technologies such as 3D printing, laser cutting, and IoT communication protocols
  • Practical design & prototyping of an IoT application bridging the physical & digital worlds

Who it's for

All types of designers eager to get a jump on the world of IoT. For UX designers looking to break out of the comfortable confines of the pictures-under-glass world. For industrial designers looking to learn more about what ‘smart products’ can really do.

What to bring

You’ll need your laptop for this workshop. To maximise the time in the workshop we’ll circulate the details of any software packages we’d like you to download and install in the days before the workshop. There will be some Arduino programming involved, but it will be minimal.