Idea Factories

Idea Factories

Christopher Murphy

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The best designers understand that paper – an often-overlooked, but valuable tool – is where the magic happens.

In this hands-on workshop you'll rediscover the power of paper as an essential part of a rapid prototyping and design process. Armed with some fundamental design principles, we'll create a series of paper prototypes for digital products, teaching you a design technique that encourages experimentation and speedy iteration.

By learning how to design without a computer, you’ll develop a rich and varied visual grammar, based on timeless design principles that pre-dated today’s technology. We’ll also learn an abundance of idea generation techniques that ensure you're never short of ideas.

What you'll learn

  • how to build rapid prototypes with paper
  • how to use paper to generate ideas and design concepts
  • a detailed understanding of fundamental design principles
  • how to develop a visual design vocabulary
  • how to build an idea generation toolbox
  • how to lead design workshops with nothing more than a pen and paper

Who it's for

Designers or developers who want to develop a creative and flexible way to prototype.

What to bring

We’ll provide you with everything you need for this workshop.