Designing your UX portfolio

Designing your UX portfolio

Ian Fenn

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We’re often experts at selling our client’s products and services, but fall far short when selling ourselves. Our portfolios might be able to communicate the finished product, but our design methods and processes remain unclear.

In this workshop, we’ll dive deep into the portfolio process and do some practical exercises along the way. You'll learn how to select and prioritise suitable material, communicate complex and difficult projects & exchange feedback with other participants. This workshop will give you the skills and motivation you need to to create an effective UX portfolio to present to potential clients or employers, and you'll leave with a tried and tested recipe that you can use to give your work and experience the best chance to succeed in the job market.

What you'll learn

  • what recruiters and hiring managers are looking for from a UX portfolio
  • how to communicate UX research as well as design
  • what details to emphasise, and what to avoid
  • how to deal with problems such as non-disclosure agreements or difficult projects
  • participants will leave with key portfolio components including a case study first draft of their own.

Who it's for

If you're just starting out in UX, or are looking to up your game and find better clients, this is the ideal workshop for you.

What to bring

If you have a laptop or tablet, please bring it to the workshop. If you don't, no problem – you will get paired with someone that does. (Note: A laptop may be preferable to a tablet as there will be a brief writing exercise during the day.)

Also, please bring a printout of your CV or LinkedIn profile. You'll be using this during one of the exercises.

Finally, if you already have a portfolio, feel free to bring it along and if there is time there will be a group review at the end of the workshop.